• Jordan White

Co-op Frozen Meal Deal this week

Updated: Jun 19

When we think of meal deals, a couple spring to mind: the Marks and Spencer’s £12 meal deal including wine, or the sandwich + snack + drink meal deal from Boots. Both of these are great value for money vs the cost of buying the items separately.

And now Co-op has entered the meal deal market with a twist: the frozen meal deal.

If you’ve got freezer space, this meal deal can be a great freezer filler. And I’m all for making the most of your freezer and reaping the benefits of frozen food.

What is the Co-op Frozen Meal Deal?

Co-op’s frozen meal deal is a monthly offer that packages up 5 or 6 frozen products for £5.

The deal usually includes a combination of:

· 1 or 2 frozen mains

· 1 or 2 frozen sides

· 1 or 2 frozen desserts

For example, you might get a bag of frozen chicken nuggets, a pizza, a bag of chips, some frozen veg and a tub of ice cream.

The products always feature a few branded products – think Birds Eye, Carte D’Or and McCain.

You’ll usually save at least 50% vs the individual prices for each item, so it’s a great saving.

That said, there’s no flexibility with this meal deal – you have to take one of each item. You can’t take two of one and none of another. So make sure you’ll eat everything included otherwise you’ll just be wasting food.

Co-op Frozen Meal Deal this week

Here are the current products in this week's meal deal.

· 2 x Battered Extra Large Fish Fillets

· 8 x Birdseye Fish Fingers

· Birdseye Garden Peas

· McCain Oven Chip

· Carte D'Or Vanilla Ice Cream

That saves over £6 vs the individual prices of each item.

Sometimes an item might be substituted with something else if a store runs out of stock.

If you can't find all the items, ask a member of staff if you can pick something else.

When I asked customer services at Head Office, they confirmed that stores are allowed to offer you an alternative if one of the items is out of stock

This meal deal offer is available until February 16th 2021.

Can I get the meal deal at every Co-op?

The meal deal is currently available at around 1600 of Co-op’s 2000 stores in the UK.

In the store itself, the meal deal is well signposted in the frozen section, with all the items grouped together.

Also, by having to pick one of each item, there’s rarely anything out of stock (unless somebody has picked up a few tubs of ice cream at full price!

The discount that brings the cost to £5 will come off your bill once all the items have been scanned. No voucher is needed.

Get an extra 10% off with a student card

Students with a valid Totum card can get this meal deal for £4.50.

You can get 10% off everything at Co-op with a Totum card – great for magazines, newspapers and getting extra money off items already on offer, like the frozen £5 meal deal.