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Lidl Plus review: any good savings on your food shop?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Lidl went digital in 2020 launched a new app offering discounts, vouchers, freebies and even digital receipts.

It’s called Lidl Plus and the app is free to download for Lidl customers. Just search 'Lidl Plus' on Google Play or the App Store.

So let’s take a look at everything Lidl Plus gives Lidlers.

1) £5 off £25 spend at Lidl

Lidl has usually run a money-off total bill offer through a newspaper. It would seem the days of cutting out a coupon and handing it in at the till are over for anybody with a smart phone.

When you first download Lidl Plus and register an account, you can activate a voucher for £5 off £25.

The voucher has to be used within 14 days and the £25 total can’t include alcohol, unfortunately.

If you think you’ll struggle to spend £25 at Lidl in one shop, why not stock up on non-perishable items or toiletries.

2) Discounts on certain products

Lidl Plus currently offers weekly discounts on certain products or even whole product ranges. Effectively, a bigger version of Lidl’s Super Weekend deals.

Discounts can be anything from 10% - 25% off.

Best thing to do is check the Lidl Plus app every Thursday when new discounts are available. Make sure to scroll through all the offers and hit 'activate' on the ones you want to use. Otherwise you won't get the discount when you scan your app at the checkout.

3) Free stuff and money off when you spend a certain amount

Sadly, this perk used to be much better, But now its mostly freebies until you spend £250 in a month to get 10% of your next shop.

  • A £50 monthly spend gets you a free bakery item (the most expensive item is usually around 80p).

  • A £100 monthly spend gets you a specific free item worth around £3.

  • A £150 monthly spend gets you a free kitchenware item

Personally, I don't see this as a reason to hit spending targets. If you get a bonus, great.

4) Digital scratch card every time you shop at Lidl

This is a fun little extra which I used to love but is now pretty rubbish. It’s a bit like McDonald’s Monopoly.

Simply buy something at Lidl and scan the app at the checkout.

A scratch card will be activated on the app.

The rate of winning used to be much higher and the prizes are really just discounts on products.

Scratch cards are limited to one per hour per shop. So you can’t buy 10 things and put them through as 10 separate transactions thinking you’ll get 10 scratch cards.

5) Partner offers

A nice little bonus but nothing unique at the moment. You can get discounts on subscriptions and services.

Arguably the best offer is discount on cinema tickets at a variety of the big cinema chains.

It says up to 40% off tickets, but on closer inspection the discounts tend to be around 20%-30%. The offer appears to be ongoing.

So while it can’t beat Meerkat Movies for bargain mid-week movies, it could be handy for weekend cinema trips.

I expect as more customers start using Lidl Plus, offers will vary depending on demand.

6) Digital receipts

Being able to look at your receipts online just seems expected these days.

So it’s great to see this feature on Lidl Plus. Your receipts look exactly like the paper ones you get, just conveniently stored in the app.

A) It’s really useful for budgeting during the cost of living crisis so that you can see if you actually stuck to your shopping list…or ended up buying extra bits in the middle of Lidl!

B) It will hopefully reduce paper waste by avoiding printed receipts. It doesn’t look like this is happening at the moment, but hopefully customers will be given the option of printing a receipt instead of the till automatically printing one.

Tips on using Lidl Plus

1) Log in before your next shop to make sure you’ve checked the latest offers. Offers rotate weekly. Thursday is the day most new offers appear on Lidl Plus.

This may also include general in-store offers on branded products that don't require activating on the app.

2) You need to activate an offer in the app to redeem it in store. It won’t automatically give you a discount just because you’ve bought it.

3) If you’re using self-service, sometimes the scanning tool doesn't work. You have the option of manually typing in your Lidl Plus card number instead.

4) Head to Lidl after 7pm to get 30% off all bakery items!

You'll need to activate this offer within the app (it will only be available from 7pm daily.

The products can be frozen or are great the day after.


However much or little you shop at Lidl, you should definitely get the Lidl Plus app.

It’s free and easy to register an account.

If you’re against companies accessing more of your data, well maybe it’s not for you.

But with the vouchers, discounts and potential extra little freebies, it’s nice to see Lidl enter the digital shopping age with something a bit different to just a standard points card


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