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Pret Coffee subscription now £30 a month - is it worth it?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

A Pret coffee subscription costs £30 a month for up to 5 drinks a day

Your first month of Club Pret (brand new customers only) is £15.00. Not as good as when it used to be free for the first month, but If you like your coffee it could still be worth a try.

How does the Pret subscription work?

Download the Pret app to sign up to Club Pret. You’ll be emailed a voucher for the month once you’ve confirmed payment details. This voucher contains a QR code which you scan in any Pret store to get your drink. You don’t have to pay for anything in store as long as it’s included in your subscription.

Remember the 30-minute rule for daily drinks. You can get up to 5 drinks a day, but will need to wait at least 30 minutes between each purchase.

Pret subscriptions are not available at the following service stations:

  • Cherwell Valley Services (Moto),

  • Exeter Services (Moto).

  • Rugby (Moto),

  • Southgate (Motor Fuel Group),

  • Souths Mimms Services (Welcome Break),

  • Victoria Road (Motor Fuel Group).

What’s included?

You drink needs to be made by a barista for it to be included in your subscription.

That means you can get coffee, tea, hot chocolate and iced drinks. Non-dairy milks and syrups are included too.

Bottled cold drinks such as fizzy drinks and water are not included, as these are not made in-store.

You can also get 20% off food.


Are smoothies included in Pret subscription?

Smoothies are no longer available and are not included in the Pret subscription. The new range of iced drinks has replaced the smoothie range.

How can I cancel my Pret coffee subscription?

Your Pret subscription works on a rolling month-by-month basis. So, there’s no long-term contract. You can cancel at any time, including after the first month. When you cancel, you’ll still have full access for the remainder of the current month. But bear in mind monthly payments will be automatically taken until you cancel.

If you forget to cancel and realise a day later you’ve been charged, it’s always worth contacting Pret to seeing if they can manually cancel your subscription and refund the charge. This is a good idea with any subscription service to be honest. But the best thing is to diarise any recurring monthly payments, so you know when to cancel.

Some users have been offered a 50% discount on their next month's subscription if they don't cancel. So you could try cancelling and see if the app offers you a discount. I'm not sure how many times you could try this, but it's quite common for online subscriptions services to give offer you some sort of discount to stop you leaving.

How often can you use a Pret subscription?

You can use your Pret subscription 5 times a day every day of the week, getting 1 drink at any time. You need to wait at least 30 minutes between orders.

Is the Pret coffee subscription good value for money?

Prices at different cafes vary, so it’s impossible to give accurate figures on the cost per drink.

However, most coffees cost over £2.80 (except the cheap filter ones which are under £2), teas are over £2 and iced drinks around £3.

The fancier you like your drinks, the better value for money a Pret subscription is likely to be for you.

If you stuck to a standard coffee – a Latte or Americano for example – you’d need to buy 11 of them a month to break even on your £30 subscription fee.

For just tea, you’d be looking at around 12-13 and for iced drinks you’d need to buy 10-11.

So over the course of 4 weeks (just under a month), you’d be looking at 3-4 drinks a week to break even. This may be very achievable if you like to buy drinks most days of the week.

So if you enjoy spending your money on takeaway coffees, then a Pret subscription could be a great option to save some money.

And Pret now have a really handy calculator on their website to see if you’ll get good value for money.

Extra ways to save money with your Pret coffee subscription

Pret Rewards Scheme

By having a subscription and using it regularly, you’ll get ‘stars’ as part of Pret’s loyalty scheme. 10 can be exchanged for a treat. So on top of your monthly drinks, you may get an extra freebie.

Cashback on your subscription

I’m a big fan of getting as much cashback as possible when I buy things. So make sure you’re getting cashback on your £30 subscription fee by following my cashback tips.


Subscriptions can often eat into your monthly spending pretty quick.

If you’re considering a Pret coffee subscription, then even £15,00 could be a good use of your cash if you drink a few coffees a month and want to see if you’ll get the value from it before paying the standard £30 a month.

As with anything subscription based, don’t get complacent! If you’re not using it, cancel it. You’re in control.



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