• Jordan White

Quidco £10 Bonus for Newbies

It still amazes me how many people don’t know about cashback websites and how easy it is to earn a little extra cash from them.

Quidco is one of the biggest cashback sites in the UK.

And if you sign up for a new account, you can even get a £10 bonus once you’ve earned £5 cashback.

How does Quidco cashback work?

Every time you want to buy something online, go via Quidco and search for the retailer. If they have a cashback offer simply click through to the main retailer’s website and make your purchase.

So let’s say I want to make a purchase on ASOS.

  • I first visit Quidco and search for ASOS.

  • It tells me I can get 5% cashback.

  • I click through to ASOS from the cashback website and spend £100.

  • 5% of £100 is tracked on the cashback website and I receive a notification*.

  • The cashback is paid once the retailer confirms my purchase – usually a few months.

*Some retailers will only offer a percentage of the non-VAT amount.

If you do lots of online shopping, a couple of extra clicks can soon earn you some decent cashback.

A couple of things to remember:

  • You can pay a fee to upgrade your account for better deals – the fee is subtracted from cashback you make.

  • Always check the terms and conditions as cashback may not be able with certain purchases e.g. when using in conjunction with a discount code or voucher.

  • If you think you’re entitled to cashback but its not being shown as ‘tracked’, its always worth submitting a claim on Quidco’s website.

And finally…

Cashback is a BONUS! If a product is cheaper elsewhere without factoring in the cashback, it’s probably best to just buy it from there.

So that’s your standard cashback website in a nutshell. Pretty easy to use and it becomes second nature once you’ve used it a few times.

Cashback percentages can range from 1% to 20% or even be fixed cash amounts.

I think I’ve made nearly £1000 in cashback over the years.

When will I get the £10 bonus?

To get your £10 bonus, you must first be a brand new Quidco member. This won’t work for existing members. Although if you already have a Quidco account, watch out for member bonus offers.

You then need to earn at least £5 cashback. Unless you’re buying something very expensive with a high cashback rate, it may take you a few purchases before you can get the £10 bonus.

Your cashback will initially ‘track’ – this confirms Quidco knows you’ve made a purchase.

Tracking usually happens pretty quickly, within 24 hours but commonly within an hour.

Once tracked, it could take anything from a week to several months for the cashback to be confirmed.

This means that the retailer has told Quidco that the purchase was valid i.e. it met all their terms and conditions.

How do am I paid the bonus?

There are various options in terms of bonus payment:

1) Withdraw it to your bank account or PayPal account. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of £1.

2) Exchange your cashback value for vouchers with certain retailers. This has the unique benefit of making your cashback worth even more – great if you do want to use it for something specific.


So if you’re new to cashback, Quidco is a great way to earn a little cash.

Just read the terms carefully, make sure the product you’re buying is already at a price you’re willing to pay and don’t rely on cashback being paid very quickly.

But for a couple of extra clicks, it really is worth it.